Dreaming about

When stepping into this independent role I decided to get the foundation in place before building anything else. However, that does not stop me from dreaming and dreaming helps to have a long-term direction for next steps.

Wouldn’t it be great if…….

…… I could partner up with people to connect and complete each other.  Not just with customers, also with advisers, coaches, maintenance professionals, continuous improvement specialists, etc.

…… I could eventually work mainly performance based. Agreeing to results and getting paid based on objective targets. Maybe even subjective, but that will need a firm trust base.

…… I could in time support others in making a big courageous step in their life. Create a network of starters, advanced and senior professionals co-creating new ways of working together.

…… I could spend part of my time supporting people and companies in need, just to get them on their feet again and with only a great experience as my reward.

It is great to dream and use the ideas and images to be inspired by the possibilities. There is no way telling where it all ends so enjoying the journey is essential.